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This will be a web application to arrange flexible carpools for students in grades 6-12.

Traditional carpooling has lost popularity with these students, because modern schools have schedules which start at different times for different students, and standard carpools don't readily accommodate special activities.

We are experimenting with a more adaptable web-based approach, which will coordinate rides between students and approved drivers in the same community. Our goal is to efficiently match up students with rides at different times on different days, and provide for schedule changes on relatively short notice.

Our goals are to reduce carbon emissions and unnecessary driving for parents, and improve student engagement in school activities by better matching their transportation needs.

Rides would be set up something like this:

  • A student logs onto the web site, and clicks the date and time (range) to request a ride to/from school
  • The server sends the request to nearby parent-drivers via email
  • A willing driver clicks the 'Offer a Ride' button in the email, and adds any special notes
  • An email detailing the offer goes to the student
  • The student accepts the offer by clicking the 'Accept' button
  • The driver gets a confirmation email, and the ride request is updated to show that it is now 'Covered'
All students and drivers will go through a registration and verification process before they can be scheduled or offer rides.

We are actively recuiting web developers, legal advisors, and other members of the project team, and soon we will be recruiting parents, drivers, and students for our pilot project in Cupertino, CA.

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